• Margaret Gall, Regent
  • Michele Splittstoesser, Vice Regent
  • Phyllis Speltz, Treasurer
  • Diane Peterson, Financial Secretary
  • Fran Henry, Recording Secretary
  • Reverend Timothy (Tim) Biren, Chaplain
  • Barb Hennessy, District Deputy
  • Deb Rowekamp, Past Regent

Circle of Love Committee Chairwomen:

  • Spiritual Enhancement:  Margaret Gall and Denise Sackreiter
  • Leadership:  Tina Lewis
  • National Projects:  (open)
  • Quality of Life:  Gina Wimmer and Kris Jones
  • Youth:  Alyssa Anguiano
  • Family:  (open)
  • Legislation:  Jan Hansgen and Brenda Hansen
  • Education:  Pam Beirne and Maricela Salas

Local Court Committee Chairwomen:

  • Membership:  Nancy Bambenek
  • Publicity:  Bev Puterbaugh
  • Support Our Seminarians:  Sandy Larson
  • Scrapbook:  Bev Puterbaugh and Sandy Larson
  • Newsletter:  Becky Storey-Hunder
  • Website:  Vicki Gathje with special thanks to Eric Jorgensen for his help and guidance.

Financial Review Committee:

  • Marlys Hinckley, Sharon Mueller, Cathy Schleck, Deb Rowekamp and Tammie Volkman

Ceremonial Coordinator:

  • Deb Rowekamp

Color Guard/Banner Bearers:

  • Marnie Krohse and Beth Trilk

Sunshine Committee:

  • Marilyn Getz

JCDA Leader:

  • Marie Rose and Mary Warmkagathje

Dotty Jones Scholarship Chairwoman:

  • Kris Jones

Calling Committee:

  • Darlene McGuire and Barb McGuire